Not Just Another Gym

It’s not like you haven’t tried to lose weight before.

You’ve tried being more active: going for evening walks, taking classes at a gym, maybe even hiring a personal trainer for a few sessions. You’ve switched to healthier foods, cut back on snacks, and made all the right changes, but nothing has worked.

At least not long term.

Co-Owners Ben Supik and David David Kinkeade
Ben Supik & David Kinkeade: Co-Owners & fitness specialists.

You know the story: you lose a few pounds, and then things stall out.

Sometimes, the weight even starts to creep back up. And nothing is more demotivating than working hard and not seeing any real progress on the scale. Or taking one day to reward yourself and seeing four more pounds gained back the next morning.

But what if there was a place whose methods actually worked, helping you lose all the weight you want, and showing you how to keep it off for good?

A place that would guide you through a workout that was customized to your level of fitness.

A place that was staffed with friendly, highly trained coaches, who encouraged you instead of judged you. A place with workouts that made you feel energized when you finished them, not beat up. A place with certified nutritionists who build you custom meal plans and keep you accountable.

Activate Body was started by Ben Supik in 2010 to be exactly that place. He spent years working for the big box gyms and knows that sort of place really doesn’t work for a lot of people. Activate Body is the gym built for them: the people that don’t like gyms, but still value living a healthy lifestyle.

When you walk in to our facility, it doesn’t just look different from other gyms out there, it feels different. Its layout is comfortable and welcoming, not massive and intimidating.

Our trainers are some of the best in the business, as knowledgeable as they are friendly and encouraging.

Every single time you come to workout, a trainer is there for you, to guide you on a routine that has been selected specifically for you to do based on your current fitness level, goals, and preferences - no one size fits all approach here.

You’ll meet with our certified nutritionists to guide you on a fully customized meal plan to support your progress, showing you not just what to eat, but how to make it fit your life, even on those days you can’t follow it perfectly.

By design, our studio is never crowded. There are no mirrors on the gym floor. Even the music playing is curated to not be a distraction.

And every time you set foot inside, you can count on the support of our entire staff. We’re here to show you that all the results you’re looking for can be achieved, and with our team and award-winning facility behind you, it might even be easier than you think.

MindBody Visionary Award 2019 Recipient We’d love to show you around our studio, buy you a smoothie or coffee in our cafe, and talk to you about your goals and how we can help you achieve them.

Email us at and tell us a little bit about what your goals are, and we’ll reach right out to schedule a free consultation at a time that works best for you.

Right now we’re offering a month of unlimited personal training and nutrition sessions for just a one time fee of $119.00!

Schedule your free consultation today to get started!

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