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Debunking the Magic of The Distinct Day

By Ben Supik

You’ve resolved to start eating better. You start your day with an incredibly healthy food choice. You feel great about starting your day according to plan. Lunch hits and you make another great choice. Two in a row! Later that afternoon, when a coworker tempts you with office snacks, you say, “Sure,” after all, you’ve been so great all day, you’ve earned a few fun bites. At dinner, you decide to add that glass of wine, thinking, “I’ll have the wine since the day is already off-plan.” Lastly, while unwinding after dinner, you decide to have some ice-cream. “The day is already shot,” you rationalize, “I’ll just get back on point in the morning.”

Image of Man and Woman Holding Hands

On the Virtues of Asking for Help

By Ben Supik

When you decide to start (or re-start) an exercise regimen, it might seem easy enough to figure out on your own. “I’ll start going for walks!” or “I’ll get a gym membership and do some machines.” And any of these are certainly better than doing nothing at all, but doing your chosen exercises with consistency and intensity really has little bearing on how effective (or safe) your regimen will be towards your goals.

A+ on Chalk Board

How to Get an A+ in Weight Loss

By Ben Supik

​Think back to a challenging course you took during your academic career. Perhaps it was AP Calculus in high school, or a physics lab in college. A course that you had to pass because it was required for your graduation. There are a lot of lessons learned during that experience that are comparable to a successful weight loss endeavor.


Fat Loss is Not Good For You, But Having Lost Fat Is

By Ben Supik

Happy Holidays! Have you ever found yourself perpetually kinda sorta trying to lose weight? For the past six months you’ve been cutting back on sweets and seconds, but have a hard time saying no to drinks with dinner. Or you’ve been diligently tracking your food four and a half days out of every seven. During this time you may have seen some progress, but not enough to get you to your goal.

Woman in canoe padding on a lake

The River Is Always Flowing, But You Can Always Paddle

By Ben Supik

You have a paddle with you on this raft, so when you find a spot along the river you especially enjoy, you can row against the water's current to slow your pace and hang out at that spot a bit longer. With aggressive paddling, you can even go back up stream to a spot you past earlier. And if you don’t mind where the river is headed, you don’t have to row at all. But you always have a choice as to where on the river you’re heading.

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