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Woman with blue hair eating pizza

On the Topic of Eating Pizza While Losing Weight

By Ben Supik

You might not be surprised to hear that no one is perfect when it comes to following their nutrition programs. What might be a bit more surprising is that some people can be imperfect with their nutrition and still see stellar results, while others seem to have their results completely stalled by their meals that are “off-plan”. So how can we make sure that when you don’t follow your plan that it’s the type of indiscretions that don’t interfere with your progress?

Man using angle grinder

Good, Fast, Cheap, But Not All Three

By Ben Supik

n 2016, my gym, Activate Body, was getting ready to expand. We were moving into a new space that used to be a wood working shop. At the time, the space had no air-conditioning, no finished floors, it didn’t even have a bathroom. Needless to say, the build-out would be extensive. Friends who had hired contractors for similar build-outs cautioned “When searching for your contractor, you can find a crew that can do quality work, a crew that can do timely work, or a crew that can do low cost work, but you’ll never find all three qualities in the same crew."

Question mark on chalkboard

Everything is good. Nothing is good

By Ben Supik

As a nutritionist, I’m often asked “Is this a good food for weight loss?”. And the answer is always “Compared to what?” How good (or useful) a food is to a particular goal is all relative to what you might be eating if you weren’t eating that particular food?

Frustrated man with hands on forehead

Have we been wasting food THIS ENTIRE TIME?!?

By Ben Supik

Growing up, I was a card-carrying member of The Clean Plate Club. My parents insisted. In my house, we did not waste food. Ever. And as an adult, this mindset remained etched into my ethical code. It feels horribly wrong to throw away perfectly good food left on my plate. I’d sooner just eat it, even if I’m not really that hungry for it.

Running track

When Your Goal Prevents Your Goal From Happening

By Ben Supik

Whatever your fitness goal, it’s going to require some degree of sacrifice and patience. No shocker there. But what if you didn’t have to sacrifice so much for such a long consecutive period of time? You don’t. Consider, instead, eating this weight-loss-elephant one bite at a time.

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