LOCATION GRAND OPENING: Now Offering Coaching in Canton/Fells Point!
Masks are mandatory for customers
Every member in our facility must wear a mask to enter our facility. If you don’t have one, we can provide it!
Masks are mandatory for staff
All of our staff (front desk, coaches, management) wear masks at all times.
Workout programs designed for mask-wearing
Our workouts are custom designed to ensure you won’t need to breath heavily (due to wearing a mask) all without compromising results. 
No-touch temperature reading for customers
Upon entering, everyone is screened by our reception team with both a infrared non-touch thermometer and asked if they’ve experienced any COVID symptoms.
No-touch temperature reading for staff
Our staff are screened at the start of every shift with a no-touch infrared thermometer and symptoms interview. They wash or disinfect their hands at the start and end of every single session.
Built-in social distancing
Each member will have their own dedicated private “gym pod”. This pod is equipped with all of the weights and equipment needed for their workout. Pods are each 19’x9’ (170 square feet) and for the exclusive use of that member for the duration of the workout.
Disinfecting after every single use
All equipment is thoroughly cleaned with CDC approved disinfectant and/or a UV-C disinfectant light after every single use. After every 45 minute session we devote 15 minutes (25% of our entire operational hours!) to cleaning on an hourly basis. Everytime you touch equipment, no one will have touched it before you since it was disinfected.
Limited capacity
Our 5,500 square foot facility will never have more than eight people working out at any given time.
Thorough deep clean EVERY DAY.
We thoroughly deep clean the entire facility every evening after close.
Virtual sessions available
Don’t feel comfortable coming out even to the cleanest gym in town? We run virtual sessions six days a week morning noon and night that you can participate in in your own home. Unlike most online sessions, we’ll never have more than four participants, so you get plenty of feedback on your personalized workout plan throughout your session. Don’t get lost in the crowd!
No surprise crowds. We are an appointment-only private facility with no walk-ins and no surprise crowds.