Your Health: An Applied Science

At Activate Body, we believe that fitness and nutrition should be an approach that fits the individual. Whatever your fitness goal, our team has combined decades of experience to help you look, move and feel your best.

Trainer and client on cable machine Our coaches always know your custom workout, goals, and any limitations. They demonstrate the exercises, monitor your form, record your results, and make sure you get the most out of your workout. They are also holding you accountable. If you miss a workout, you can expect them to call to check in on you.

At Activate Body, we build custom plans that are fit to you and your lifestyle. The benefits of your workouts are maximized with our nutritional support and meal planning.

We’ll work with you to evaluate your goals, lifestyle, and schedule to put together a customized plan you can stick to whether you’re home or on the road. Our plans allow you to enjoy snacks, must-have meals and favorite restaurants. Your nutrition program should change as you do. We're here to switch it up for you as often as you like.

Activate Cafe

The Activate Body Cafe was designed with you in mind. We offer a variety of coffees, teas, house-made smoothies and healthy snack alternatives to help you lose weight and burn body fat. The Activate Body Cafe is the right arm of the Activate Body Nutrition program and is built from the ground up to serve your nutritional needs.

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